Geohot is not fleeing, he is on vacation [Sony Deception]

According to CrunchGear, Geohot left for South America to go on Vacation he is not fleeing from Sony’s lawyers. He states that he had this vacation planned well in advance of the actual lawsuit at hand and he wasn’t going to let that stop him from having fun.

Hotz is assuring us that he is in 100% contact with his lawyers because they all have cellphones and can contact him at any time.

So there it is folks, the rumors that he had fled the US are false. He’s just working on his tan.

Update: Further evidence has been reported that Sony may have been misleading the general public on purpose.

Kellar added, “George is in South America to see a friend, on a trip he planned before this lawsuit ever began.” With regards to the claim that Hotz had sabotaged the hard drives he turned over to Sony, Kellar said Sony is “using intentionally ambiguous language” to turn public opinion against Hotz. “The ‘components’ SCEA is talking about are hard drives’ controller cards,” he said, claiming that they had been supplied to the prosecutor.

When Sony said he was hiding evidence because parts of the hard drive were missing, he turned those over too. It was just the controller cards evidently.
Stewart Kellar, Hotz’s attorney, said the issue is overblown.

“They didn’t have the controller card attached. That’s it,” Kellar said in a telephone interview Wednesday from his San Francisco office.

He said that Hotz has since turned over the cards, solving the problem.

Sony did not respond for comment.

Hotz, who is also well-known in iPhone hacking circles, so far is fighting the case on jurisdictional grounds, and maintains he should be sued in New Jersey instead of California.

As part of that battle, Sony claimed that it uncovered evidence that Hotz maintained an account on Sony’s PlayStation Network, which is based in Northern California. Hotz had denied holding a PSN account.

In its filing, Sony also pointed out that Hotz has left the country.

“Hotz conveniently traveled to South America in the midst of jurisdictional discovery, including his court-ordered deposition,” Sony said.

“I don’t want to comment on that stuff,” Kellar said. “He has done nothing to make himself unavailable.”

So Sony wants to play hard ball do they?

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