Showtime to remove Dexter and Californication from Netflix

Showtime Logo

Showtime and Netflix have negotiated new terms of their deal and it excludes the Dexter and Californication series on their network.When the new deal goes in to place episodes of the 2 series will be immediately removed from Netflix and only aired on Showtime’s own online service.

Pretty much any series that is still aired on the Showtime channel will not be on Netflix, any show that is not on Showtime will be available for instant watch. “The Tudors” and “Sleeper Cell” are among the series that are unaffected by this change and will continue to stay on Netflix.

It appears that Showtime is restricting its first-run shows from being on Netflix to increase subscribers to their channel. A Netflix spokespersonreleased the following statement:

“We have a great relationship with CBS licensing content from all of its channels, including Showtime, and we continue to negotiate for more movies and shows.”


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  • Tristan Thomas

    This sucks! Looks like ill just have to go back to pirating

  • Sanity

    Yeah it really sucks I am a big fan of Dexter, for Showtime to stop their shows on Netflix just to retain viewers is just terrible. I hope this change makes them lose even more business because of bad PR.

  • Ashley Casper

    Agreed!! I’m a loyal Netflix subscriber and I was even going to buy the seasons after watching them on instant play because the show is so amazing. The pull is so out of the blue too. I hope Showtime suffers a subscriber loss. 😛

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