iPhone 5 production started, 4-inch screen and metal chassis

iPhone 5 Metal

Reports have come out of Japan that indicate that the iPhone 5 has just started initial production and is slated for release in Q3 of this year. We all knew when the new iPhone 5 would be released, it’s usually about the same time each year but we didn’t know specific details about the phone. The new phone will come with a 4-inch capacitive touch screen as well as a metal chassis to help with antenna sensitivity. It looks like Apple is trying to correct the antenna issue that was uncovered as the iPhone 4 was released last year. The phone will also contain Apples A5 dual-core chip the same as which is inside the new iPad 2.

iPhone visa

The new iPhone 5 is also said to be equipped with an “induction pay” or “wave and pay” technology that will allow consumers to use their phones to make purchases at establishments. This technology is made possible by the NFC or “Near Field Communication” chip installed in the phone. The technology is very similar to the current “pay pass” technology that we have on many credit cards today. With this addition to the iPhone 5, you will always be carrying around a sort of “e-wallet” that should speed up payments at enabled establishments. This new news also confirms many rumors that we wrote about earlier.  [Chinatimes]

Note: The top picture of the iPhone 5 is not an actual image, just a mockup.

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  • Anonymous

    full of crap. “We all knew when the new iPhone 5 would be released, it’s usually about the same time each year”. every previous iPhone has been released in late June or early July, and most people consider that “the middle of the year”, UNTIL this year, when it’s PRESUMED to be September (hence Q3), maybe, possibly the same time they’d normally update iPods.  such fakers.

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