ThinkGeek Bluetooth Watch Review

ThinkGeek Bluetooth Watch

Our friends over at ThinkGeek have lent us their Bluetooth watch to review and this is what we thought. At first glance it looks like any ordinary watch with a nice secret. The watch has Bluetooth functionality that allows you to link it to your phone and then functions as a caller-id. Upon receiving a call the watch will vibrate on your wrist and display the number and name of the person calling you as long as their name is programmed into your phone. Another feature allows for notification of a new text message but will not allow you to actually read the message.

After removing the watch from the box it took me a little while to get used to the menus but after a couple minutes I had the Bluetooth turned on and ready to go. I tried it with my iPhone 4, I just went to the Bluetooth devices section and joined the one called “Watch” and entered the default code of “0000” and voila it was paired. Now to test it, I called myself from Google Voice since I only had one phone. My phone started ringing and sure enough the watch vibrated and told me the number that was trying to call me. Now you have 2 options when the watch is vibrating, you can either answer your phone or use the watch by pressing the top button to silence the call or hang up and pressing the bottom button to answer the call. Now the answer call feature is only useful if you have a hands free device already linked to your phone otherwise it will just answer in your pocket. The text notification feature does not work with the iPhone but is not missed at all.

The only drawbacks on the watch so far was the re-charging of the battery due to Bluetooth, it takes some getting used to but it will grow on you. The charging mechanism is a clip that attaches to the watch and touches the contacts on the back of the watch. Now this charging method is a little tricky because you have to keep the watch perfectly still or else it will not charge. The watch is also a little more bulky than a normal watch due to the extra battery and electronics. Besides those issues I consider the watch a must have for any gadget geek.

4 Gears

I give the watch a 4/5 Gears overall. Check out the watch on the ThinkGeek website.

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