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While at CES this year we came across the creators of an innovative device called the TonidoPlug. The TonidoPlug is a device which will allow you to create your own personal cloud at home and access it from anywhere and also functions as a NAS device. Our friends over at CodeLathe have sent us a TonidoPlug to review.

After setup, the Tonido was relatively easy to use, some fumbling around on the menus got me pretty familiar with the device. The device even supports the addition of a domain name ( to access your cloud from anywhere. The Tonido supports a few different Apps at the time I reviewed it. Some of the Apps installed on the device include Jukebox, Backup, Money, OpenID, Photos, Search, Thots, Torrent, WebSharePro, and WorkSpace. The makers of the Tonido have promised that more apps will become available over time and welcome contributors as well. The Apps are be available from anywhere in the world once your Tonido is setup and you connect to it.

Tonido Screenshot

The TonidoPlug also supports a USB hard drive to be connected to it for extra storage as the Tonido does not have much internal memory at this time. This hard drive can also be used to backup data on all of your home computers to your own cloud as well. In no time was I able to transfer my entire music library on my computer to a usb hard drive connected to the TonidoPlug. Once the music was on the device it was pretty easy to access it with the Jukebox application and stream it to my iPhone or other computers around the house. The people over at Tonido have created both an iPhone and iPad and Android application to listen to your music on your TonidoPlug. With the mobile applications on Android, and iOS you can also view the status of pending torrent downloads and other files on the device.


You can also access files on your own computers and share files from the Tonodo to other devices such as your Xbox 360. With the WorkSpace application you can create your own collaboration space between friends and co-workers. This space will be similar to the one created by Google Docs except it will be your own privately created cloud.

From what I have seen the TonidoPlug operates on a stripped down version of Linux which in turn makes it compatible with any operating system Mac, Windows, and of course Linux.

I honestly think that the Tonido software and hardware have great potential in the future for collaboration and utility. The ability to take the TonidoPlug anywhere you want and just plug in into the network is a great feature. If you would like to play with the Tonido software you can do so for free but the paid version will contain many more features as well will the hardware version. I do recommend that you check out the TonidoPlug for only $100 for a personal cloud that you can take anywhere it isn’t a bad deal.

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