Samsung Unveils Solar-Powered Transparent TV At CeBit 2011

Our friends over at PLuGHiTz told us about this television. Samsung just unveiled an amazing transparent solar-powered LCD television at CeBit 2011. This television is completely off the grid. This television is currently in the prototype stage. The 46” TV was unveiled at CeBit in Germany. The TV is powered by built in solar panels and nothing else is needed to power it. This television is like a HUD display. Some cars are starting using a HUD displays and most planes that you fly in are starting to use HUD displays just like this product. I will definitely be posting more on this product as Samsung releases more information. Below is a video of the television.
Another major breakthrough behind the concept is that the thin screen can display images and information while allowing objects behind it to be visible – this means that it has applications ranging from car windshield HUDs to storefront displays and digital window blinds.

Source Inhabitat


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