iPhone 5 Confirmed To Have Dual-Core Processor

iPhone 5 A5 Dual Core Processor

As Apple announced that the iPad 2 would run on the Apple A5 Dual-Core processor evidence has now been found that the next iPhone may as well. Someone examined the kernelcache in the firmware for each device in the latest iOS update. With just a simple hex editor a reference was found to the A5 Dual-Core processor by the model number “S5L8940.” Since this was found in a section of files marked N94 being an unreleased version of iPhone its safe to assume that could be the next version of the iPhone. The N92 is the Verizon iPhone, and the N90 is the AT&T version.

Well, that takes one more rumor off the shelf time to find more facts about the next iPhone. [Via: UberGizmo, CultofMac]

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  • scott ertz

    This isn’t confirmation as the title suggests, but more a suggestion. That’s not to say there aren’t 10 different possible handsets or even iPod Touches in some sort of Alpha phase that need iOS support. We’ve seen it happen before.

  • kilgore trout

    I have a new white iphone 4. I jailbroke it as soon as I got home. I have these two files in root.. kernelcache.release.n92 and iBSS.n92ap. Reason for concern? Nver noticed me’ before with my ATT 3gs. I think I used Greenpoison dont rmrember. It was the only one that was supposed to wrok with 4.27 also. I still had 4.26. Another thing I noticed, I may just need to reboot(im copying a movie) is that my apps when opened arent showing up on dock….or the ohes on the dock arent showing indicators, also only two choises on rt click….relaunch wont work.

  • Vaughan Woolsey

    did you ever figure this out? because I just got home from work and saw those exact same files in my root folder… along with another folder named “Root”, and a setup.xml file that has NEVER been there before. I go into my root Mac HD all the time and have never seen it. Let me know if you ever get a response to this…

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