Verizon Wireless To Stop SMS Fraud, Refunds To Customers

Looks like Verizon Wireless is going to put a stop to Premium SMS Fraud over their network. The lawsuit filed in Phoenix claims that the defendants Jason Hope and Wayne P. DeStefano work under several different company names to distribute fraudulent campaigns over the Verizon Network. The defendants distributed several short-codes over the Verizon network which ended up charging Verizon and the customer extra money.

Verizon states that:

the defendants defrauded Verizon Wireless by misappropriating approved short codes for unapproved “shadow” campaigns that did not comply with Verizon Wireless’ consumer protection and disclosure policies.

After further investigation by Verizon, they found the defendants blocking certain IP addresses which prevented Verizon from finding the shadow campaigns. The defendants have been working under company names such as Cylon, Jawa, and EyeLevel Holdings, and others and do not appear on the customers bill under those names.

Verizon has setup a website that will help you file a claim if you think you were affected by these shadow campaigns or SMS fraud. The website is and the site also includes a list of the affected short codes on their network. Verizon is offering full refunds to users that have been affected by this fraud, all you need to do is file a claim on the website.

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