iPhone 5 And iOS 5 Predictions, April Announcement?

iPhone 5 Concept Drawing

So with summer coming soon brings up the common question all Apple fanboys are asking. “Will there be an iPhone 5 (or a 4gs) and will there be a release of iOS 5?”

There have been rumors floating around the internet mostly coming from Germany. These rumors are saying that there is an Apple press conference on April 14th or 15th at their campus in California. A good speculation that at this event Apple will be unveiling iOS 5 and maybe some MobileMe updates.

The reason iOS 5 might come out is that iOS 4 came out on April 8th of last year. So those dates are close together. What will iOS 5 come with? I am not sure what new feature it will bring. But I do not think that it will be as revolutionary as the upgrade from iOS 3 to iOS 4. This new OS will probably be the standard evolutionary process.

One feature that iOS 5 might bring is called the “E-Wallet”. This will make your phone a credit card. All you have to do is swipe your iPhone over the lasers and it will read your credit card. I have seen this feature on Android but the features are not tweaked out fully yet.
The rumored specs with details below: A new antenna, faster processor, more memory, better GPU, and a larger screen, and a different build product.


  • Antenna: Apple will more than likely ditch the external antenna. As we all know there were lots of reception problems with it on the iPhone 4
  • Faster Processor: The new processor will probably be the A5 which is in the new iPad 2
  • Memory: There needs to be a upgrade to 600MB or more of RAM on this phone.
  • Better GPU: If Apple goes with the A5 the GPU is part of that upgrade.
  • Larger Screen: idealschina is reporting here that the iPhone 5 will feature larger 4 inch screen.
  • Different Build Product: A rumor from China stated that Apple will be ditching the glass backing (lots of iPhone’s glass broke as we know) and switch to an aluminum casing as in many of their current products. Some reasons of this change is that aluminum is lighter than glass and easier to paint white. Maybe that’s why there is no White iPhone 4 yet.

I think that now with Verizon 4G LTE technologies that the Verizon iPhone 5 must be on that network and that the AT&T version has to be on the 4G network also because that is where the future is leading phones. Comment below and post your predictions, thoughts, and concerns.

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