Samsung Achieves Higher Density Platters, Bigger Hard Drives On The Way

hard drive

Looks like hard drives are going to get bigger this year. Samsung has made a breakthrough that lets them increase the density on a single platter to 1TB capacity. With this 1TB platter capacity we will probably see drives in the 3-4TB arena in the very near future.

These hard drives will not only affect the desktop arena but the laptop arena as well. Samsung stated that they will be able to release 1TB internal laptop drives with this new technology. 1TB laptop drives have been out there but they have been a little large at 12.5MM which will not fit a standard laptop. The new drives will definitely be able to fit the average laptop.

Samsung wasn’t sure when the new hard drives will be released but they did state that the drives will be a part of the “Spinpoint EcoGreen (5400 RPM) series, will contain 32MB of cache, and will be SATA 6 Gb compatible.” Samsung also claims that with this new technology, they should be able to dish out 10TB hard drives in the future. Won’t it be great to not run out of space, but can you imagine a 10TB backup at home? [Maximum PC]

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