YouTube Next Announced After Next New Networks Acquisition

Today YouTube announced their acquisition of Next New Networks who brought a plethora of original entertainment programming to the internet. Next New Networks reached an astonishing 2 billion views and 6 million subscribers across all of their networks on YouTube.

YouTube Next is a new team that will be tasked with supercharging creator development and accelerating partner growth and success according to YouTube. The current partner program has over 15,000 participants worldwide and will continue to grow over the rest of 2011. The program will develop new YouTube Next-branded programs and services that will build past the current development initiatives on YouTube.

Many of the partners on YouTube are making upwards of $1,000 a month and that number is up 300% since last year. The team looks to increase this number even higher which will benefit all of the current and future YouTube partners. The team will also expand partner meet ups and community events within YouTube. Check out the source for the full press release and more information. [YouTube]

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