Judge Allows Sony To Obtain Information About Every User That Visited Hacker’s Sites

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The Sony vs Geohot case has just heated up even more. It looks like Federal Magistrate Joseph Spero has approved Sony to obtain information about every user that visited Geohot’s hacking sites and/or downloaded the hacking software from him.

The subpoena covered Geohot’s website hosted at Bluehost ( as well as his videos hosted on YouTube, Google, and Twitter. This allows Sony to obtain identifying information about every user that visited any of these resources for any reason whatsoever. This could be an extreme violation of our privacy, Sony should not be allowed to know if we visited a website other than their own at any given time.

The request calls for all server IP logs, and activity logs from Bluehost and any other identifying information about users that may have accessed the site. Sony even reached out as far as information about people that viewed the hacking videos on YouTube.

Now I know that I have even visited Geohot’s website at some time or another, however I don’t even own a PS3 or intend to hack one at all. So why would Sony need my information and get me involved in this lawsuit. Anyone who followed a link from this site or another site to any of the videos or Geohot’s website is now included in the lawsuit if Sony does obtain this information. We will have to see if Sony will really send letters out to the possibly hundreds of thousands of users that have been to these sites with malicious intent or none at all. What do you think about this, do you think Sony should be allowed to have your information?  [CrunchGear]

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