Steve Jobs Took The Stage and Announced The iPad 2 and iOS 4.3

iPad 2

So today was the day, the iPad 2 was indeed announced as Apple said it would be. A surprise though, even though Steve Jobs was on medical leave from Apple he still gave the keynote at the event. As Jobs took stage he did receive a standing ovation which I am sure he appreciated.

Some changes you will notice right away in this version is enlargement of the speaker on the back of the iPad and the addition of 2 cameras. The front of the iPad now has a front-facing camera is a “VGA-quality still camera” which supports 30 FPS video recording. With the addition of the front camera, conversations over Skype or other conference software will be a major selling point for the iPad 2. The back camera can record 720p video and also includes a 5x digital zoom.

There is a newly designed case which Steve Jobs calls more a cover than a case. The “cover” attaches to the iPad with magnets and is able to fold into 3 positions to form a stand for the iPad like the previous case. It’s kinda cool how it works and it can even control screen wake and sleep like your laptop. Take a look at the video below to see it in action.


The processor on the iPad 2 is the Apple A5 dual-core chip at 1GHz. The dual-core in the new iPad will make it blazing fast even compared to the first version. The graphics card is said to perform 9 times faster than the first iPad as well. Even with the faster processor and graphics card, the iPad still maintains a 10 hour battery life!

Apple A5 Processor

This new version of the iPad is thinner than the previous iPad by 33%. I thought the first iPad was thin but WOW! it definitely is now and its lighter too! There is also a choice between either a White or Black version of the iPad 2. There will be 2 versions on AT&T and Verizon starting March 11th.

Apple will also be launching iOS 4.3 at the same time the iPad 2 launches on March 11th. The new update will include the new Nitro Javascript engine which will increase performance of Apps and browsing on the iPad 2. There are also enhancements to Apple Airplay, Safari, iPad side switch, and the Personal hotspot feature for the iPhone 4.

Check out more details in the press release below.

Show Press Release

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