White iPad 2 front panel leaks out, Apple to take another chance?

White iPad Glass

The iPad 2 announcement is around the corner and details keep surfacing about it as well. Today we have seen the first iPad 2 panel that is white. Now if you remember, Apple still hasn’t released the White iPhone 4 that they promised when the iPhone 4 was announced. Apple blamed it on “manufacturing” issues which were later revealed to be differences in color between plastics and the glass on the iPhone.

Time will tell if the White iPad will actually be released or if it will even be released at launch time. Hopefully Apple has fixed all of its manufacturing issues and will be able to deliver on the White iPad if it even will exist in the first place.

The next iteration of the iPad is to be thinner, include a Facetime HD camera, come in both black and white, and be quite faster than the current version. These rumors will be made fact on March 2nd so stay tuned. [9to5Mac]

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