Apple to unveil new Macbook Pro’s with SSD for OS

Macbook Pro

We have known for a while that Apple would be refreshing it’s Macbook Pro line like it does every year. New rumors have surfaced from Apple sources that the new Macbook Pro’s will feature a separate SSD around 8-16GB in size dedicated to the OS. The SSD will contain the the operating system image and a separate hard drive will be included for file storage. This new design should allow for faster boot and restore times as well as faster operating system functions. Larger trackpads were also mentioned, however I don’t see them actually getting any bigger than they currently are.

The new Macbook Pro’s are said to be much lighter than their counterparts as well. The weight difference is to be around a half a pound lighter than their relative counterparts prior to the refresh.

I would like to see this rumor be brought to reality, however I hope the internal SSD is sufficient for future upgrades and updates. [BGR]

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