Teenager Looks on Facebook For a “Hit Man” [stuff not to do]

hitman facebookWho wants a hit man? 19 year old Corey C. Adams of Pennsylvania went all the way to Facebook to find one. He was accused of raping a 20 year old girl last June. He was supposed to go to jail for 11-22 years. Last week he decided that he needed to get rid of her. He posted this on Facebook:

“I got 500 on a girls head who wants that bread? Hit me up anyway possible”

The victim said that On June 29th she went to a party. She told the police that she had three drinks. She decided to go home and that is when Adams hopped in and raped her. She called and reported the raping one July 1st and accused Adams as the rapist. She soon after saw his posting for 500 for her head, and then she felt that her life was in danger. 10 minutes after the police made contact with Adams this post came up:

“needed this girl knocked off right now”

Billie, the police officer on the crime confronted Adams about his most recent post. Adams came up with some different explanations until the guilt hit him and he told Billie that he was upset about the rape accusation. If he did not admit this he could have faced 35 to 70 years in jail compared to the 11-22 years that were already tacked on. [The Inquirer]

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