16 year old kills mom after she took his PlayStation [Stupid Ideas]

16 year old Kendall Anderson got into some trouble and got his PlayStation taken away by his mother Rashida Anderson. After a 90 minute argument with his mother over the issue he proceeded to enter her room while she was sleeping and hit her over the head 20 times with a claw hammer.

She was still alive after this brutal beating according to his confession. He then dragged her downstairs and tried to cremate her in the kitchen oven and when that plan failed he continued to beat her with a chair leg. A Philadelphia Municipal Court judge then ordered him to stand trial for murder.

Kendal stated that it only took him about 3 hours to decide to kill his mother over the ordeal. In his confession he stated that “If I could, I would not do it again. I really miss my mom . . . she was the only person who cared for me.” Well killing her didn’t really help you get your PlayStation back did it? []

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