Google adds 2 step authentication to Gmail

Today Google has added a new feature to Gmail called “2-step verification.” This new feature comes as many security issues have arisen across the internet this past year. It also comes on the same day that a video of an iPhone hack to reveal all of the passwords stored on the device was released. Security concerns may be starting to open the eyes of consumers.

This new feature is very similar to the authenticator that Blizzard has in place for its products like World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2. When you setup the extra authentication step on your Gmail, the first time that you try to sign in Google will send a SMS to your mobile phone, call you to generate a code or allow to use an Android or mobile application to create the code.

You can have it setup to send a new code every time that you log in or check the “Remember verification for this computer for 30 days” option to only get a new code every 30 days. There are also options to setup specific passwords for other devices that need access to your Gmail account. Remember the 2-step verification is opt in only so you can use it if you want, or not at all. However I strongly suggest that you try out this feature. [Google]

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