Intel finds Sandy Bridge chipset design flaw

Intel has found a design flaw in one of it’s recently released chips. The chip is the Intel 6 Series, cod-named Cougar Point with a Sandy Bridge Chipset. The chip could sometimes cause SATA ports within the Chipset to degrade over time and impact the performance and functionality of SATA linked devices. SATA devices affected could be hard drives, DVD drives, etc.

Intel has already corrected the design flaw and has stopped shipments of the faulty ones. Intel expects to begin shipments of the updated version of the Chipset to customers in late February. They also expect a full recall to be completed by April.

Intel says that the systems that have the chips now have only been shipping since January 9th so they expect the impact to be quite small for consumers. The processors that could affect a consumer are the Second Generation core i5 and Core i7 quad core systems.

Intel projects that their total losses for this design flaw to be approximately $700 million after recalls and repairs.

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