T-Mobile Leak: Lineup of products to come this Spring 2011

T-Mobile Leak

T-Mobile released a lineup of devices for Spring 2011. According to some leaked slides this information is gained.
TmoNews recently published a leaked image with release dates of four portable gadgets due for release in Spring 2011. One of for is the Motorola Cliq 2 which is already available. Here is the time-line for the remaining three.:

* February 2: Dell Streak 7 tablet (T-Mobile’s first 4G slate)
* February 23: Samsung Galaxy S 4G
* March 23: LG G-Slate (4G tablet with Android 3.0 Honeycomb)

Pricing isn’t mentioned in the leak but Dell has mention a $299.99 price with a contract. Comment below if you are going to go and pickup any of these devices for yourself. I personally like the LG G-Slate and that is going to be on my wish list.

Source: TmoNews

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