Intel Labs to invest $100 million into university research

Intel has announced today that they will invest $100 million into university research over the next 5 years. The first university to receive funding will be Stanford University which will focus on Visual Computing. Intel will be opening Intel Science and Technology Centers at these universities to drive innovation and communication.

“Intel Labs has long been a significant investor in university research and this program is the next step in that critical investment,” said Justin Rattner, Intel’s chief technology officer. “The pace of technology change is getting faster. With today’s announcement we are ensuring that Intel Labs’ academic research support is adaptable and flexible. Our new approach should allow us to quickly and dynamically invest in the most promising academic work.”

Intel originally would open these centers near universities and most of the funding would go into staffing and operations. Now the centers will work jointly with the universities. The main reason for this is to put more of the money into the hands of the researchers and not burn it on staffing, etc. No more information has been given past Stanford being the first choice for the Intel investment.

“Stanford is honored to be chosen as the host university for the initial ISTC,” said Pat Hanrahan, the lead academic principal investigator for the ISTC-VC. “This is an exciting new model that will have huge impact on the future of computing. Stanford looks forward to working with Inteland our network of seven other universities, to bring exciting new visual computing experiences to the computer user.”

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