Official Pics of the PSP2 Surface, real or fake

Some rumored official shots of the upcoming PSP2 have surfaced. The PSP2 is set up for presentation like it would be shown on an advertisement or promotion. We cannot tell what is being cut off on the side of the screen, but if it is authentic it may be Sony’s non-disclosure text or copyright information.

There are some discrepancies in the photo that may render it fake. For example, the D-Pad and buttons on the controller appear to be blurry and not crisp. However I understand that this photo could have been captured through a scanner or another device that could have made them more blurry.

With the fact that the copyright information is cut off on the side of the screen makes it fishy as well. We will find out more when the PSP2 is announced my Sony on the 27th which is also rumored.

Source: Kotaku Japan

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