White iPhone 4 spotted in AT&T’s online system

ATT White iPhone 4 spotted

The white iPhone has now appeared in AT&T’s online system a week after it appeared in Best Buy’s online system. Users have reported this option being available in a section of the site as an option for users managing their AT&T accounts. The option will only appear in a section of the site where users can specify their current phone if the online system is incorrect. I have also logged into my AT&T account and verified that these options do exist but I do not know how long they have been available. I am sure that even though the phone is not available yet there are people out there with one, I even saw one at CES and it did not look like the kit. The white iPhone I noticed had clear color differences between the background and the home button.

Well we will have to see if the white iPhone will indeed be coming out this spring according to Apple signage.


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  • Anonymous

    I’m waited so long,by the time the white Iphones come out, the Iphone 5 will be months away… but then again, who can resist a white phone? -_-

    P.S,Everything you need to know about iPhone 4: