Casio Prism the first full color graphing calculator

At CES this year we ran across the Casio Prism FX-CG10 the first full color graphing calculator. This calculator is made by Casio and is just like a Texas Instruments calculator with color and then some.

First of all with a full color screen this calculator changes the game. The screen supports 65,000 different colors, with a full color screen you can add color differentiation to graphs and charts, you can’t do that with any old plain calculator. For example when you draw a graph you can shade in different areas with different colors as well as plot many different points along it. Data can also be displayed in spreadsheet view as well with different colors.

The calculator can also map trajectories in animated images, well you have to map the points yourself but its still pretty cool. The calculator can also be connected to your computer and will appear as a flash drive to allow for the easy transfer of images and data between the device. The calculator can also be connected directly to a Casio projector and display what is on the calculators screen.

The calculator will cost around $130 about the same as a Texas Instruments calculator which one would you buy? Check out the demo video after the break.

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