CES 2011: Blackberry Playbook Demonstration

It seems that this year CES is loaded with tablets and with the introduction of Nvidia’s  Tegra 2 super chip, it seems that tablets will become an important personal and household device. Many electronic and cellular companies are consistently driving towards this tablet revolution. Blackberry is not exclusive of this either.

First of all, this isn’t a final version and the tablet is just more of a prototype version. The price tag is not yet decided and specs aren’t confirmed yet. We aren’t sure if the dimensions will remain the same too. In fact, Blackberry will be taking its time to make sure that this product is at par with the other tablets. The exterior of the version we saw was a shiny black version and had four buttons and a micro usb port. The four buttons were for play/pause, volume up, volume down and power on/off. The tablet is Wi-Fi capable but cannot be used as a phone.

One of the highly notable feature of the Blackberry tablet was the smoothness in multitasking. Minimizing applications with a swipe down with the finger was another interesting feature which reduced the amount of time the user would spend on ‘pinching’ around. The tablet also supports Flash applications as we were demonstrated using a YouTube video. They keyboard and the response time was fairly low as well. The processing power was about 1GHz.

The tablet also had 5MP camera at the back and 3MP camera at the front. This allows the user to record HD videos up to 1080p. The cameras, along with the two microphones on the tablet, might also allow video calling using skype in the future. However, only future will tell. A complete demonstration is available with this article provided by a Blackberry exhibitor.

Last but not the least, the tablet can be connected with the Blackberry phone for application sharing.

Conclusively, this will be an interesting year for tablets. The competition will be high and it would be interesting to see what the Blackberry tablets will be capable of. Recently, while talking to Nvidia about the Tegra 2 super chip, I  was told by a representative that tablets and cellphones will be trying to develop systems which are more processor based due to the interface lag caused due to the touchscreens nowadays. Since gaming on the tablets/phones, along with other ‘swiping’ applications, suffers a lot from the lag caused by this, it would be interesting to see if Blackberry and other tablet manufacturers will incorporate this advancement within their tablets.

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