2011 Predictions show iOS to dominate tablet market

Predictions are out and show that iOS will still dominate the tablet market in the year 2011. iOS will cover 68% of the tablet market leaving Android at 28.4% market share. The belief that Apple is holding it’s position over Android is because the applications work as advertised when some Android applications do not. However with 80 different suppliers showing tablets at CES and some running Android, the Android market share could grow throughout this year drastically.

With a CDMA iPad rumored to be released on Verizon shortly and the new iPad 2 as well I can only see the domination of iOS in the tablet market to grow further. Many users opted to wait till the second version of the iPad was released before trying it for themselves as to wait for bugs to be found and eliminated in the next version.

Experts say that the Ideal device has the following characteristics as well. The characteristics include a bigger screen a lot of memory and Wi-Fi which are all available on the iPad. Most Android tablets on the market today feature very small screens which aren’t very appealing to the end user and create a less than satisfying experience. The USB ports and SSD slot are addons for the iPad and do not come standard in the first gen iPad but are still options with adapters.

Ideal Device
“Experts” say the ideal media tablet has:
–          a 10-inch screen
–          32. 64, 128GB internal memory (it’s only $$$)
–          2-4 USB ports (adding storage capacity or backup to external drive)
–          SSD slot for photo download or…
–          ARM process (much lower power consumption)
–          WiFi and wireless – use the WiFi though whenever/wherever possible because wireless will be expensive.  Some units are available without carrier wireless plans, which we think is the best approach for the user

I believe that with Android being an open OS and iOS being closed they were bound to play a catch up game with Apple. I do believe Android has the potential to catch up to iOS but I doubt that it will pass iOS anytime in the near future.

IMG Source: Markencom

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