Will Verizon get a white iPhone 4

Verizon announced that the iPhone 4 was coming to their network in February. With that announcement rumors have again flared up that there will be a white iPhone available on launch day for Verizon.

These rumors stem from the Verizon website itself because when you view their iPhone page it shows both the black and white iPhone for sale. Now this may be a coincidence or it may be true that they are going to sell both. However the page that shows more info about the iPhone 4 just links to an Apple page on I can no longer find this original page as of 7PM EST.

The page is replaced with the following page that mentions nothing about the colors anymore. Maybe Apple is planning on a white version still but doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. We will keep an eye on this one as the iPhone 4 gets closer to launch on Verizon.

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