CES 2011: Casio Bluetooth Watch interfaces with your Smartphone

While at the Casio booth at CES we ran into a prototype watch that was very interesting to say the least. Casio was calling it a Bluetooth watch? The watch looked like any other ordinary digital watch we have seen before but with an interesting bluetooth feature.

The watch is able to connect to your smartphone and notify you of incoming calls or emails. When a call is received on your smartphone the watch will make a audible alert and display the caller information on the screen. The user can either double tap the watch to silence it and the phone or answer the call. When an email is received on the smartphone, the watch will also display who the email is from by their email address. The watch will also track your speed and distance for running and relay that data back to your smartphone.

Another awesome feature of this watch is the locate phone option. If you have misplaced your phone and are in bluetooth range of it you can press a button on the side which will sound an audible alarm on your smartphone.

Now you would think that bluetooth would drain the battery on the watch rather quickly but it doesn’t. Casio claims that the battery in the watch will last you an entire 2 years of normal usage. When I heard that my jaw dropped to the floor.

The watch is also very plain and black in the video below because it was still in prototype. Casio claims that it will line up with their G-Shock series of watches and be priced around $89 – $120. With a price point that low why not get this watch from Casio.

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