Apple seeds iOS 4.3 to developers chalk full of new features

Today Apple seeded the beta build of iOS 4.3 to developers. As everyone dug into the new iOS 4.3 they have run across some new features that might take you by surprise. These new updates however will not support the iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G, sorry guys.

The first feature is the mobile hotspot that we saw on the Verizon iPhone announced yesterday. It seems that Apple was not going to leave all of the other iPhone users out.

The second feature is new gestures to make navigation on your iOS device that much quicker. For example you can navigate back to the home screen from any application by just pinching the center of the screen much like when you zoom out of a map or picture. Also you can swipe your hand in an upward position to open the multitasking panel to switch to another app. You can also swipe to the left or right while in any app to switch to the next active app.

The third feature that I want to talk about is only on the iPad. With the last update on the iPad they removed the rotation lock from the physical switch on the iPad. In this update there is a option to specify if you want that switch to mute or lock the rotation of the iPad.

There were a couple other features that I didn’t mention because they did not have as much impact as the ones I mentioned. We will keep an eye out for new features to iOS 4.3 as the week progresses. If you want more Engadget has a video walk through on the iPad update.

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