CES 2011: T-Mobile will rocket up to 42 Mb/s on 4G and introduces first 4G tablet!

As CES started off with a nuclear explosion, the great titans of networking and technology showcased what they had to bestow upon us. TekGoblin was there and our team went to visit one of the titans a visit and find out what they had to offer.

The main highlight of T-mobile was the 4G networking enhancement. T-mobile was proud to announce that they had the fastest 4G network in USA outperforming its competitors by a marginal speed. After selling 900,000 4G devices, they will be increasing their arsenal of 4G devices exceeding 25. With a promise in progressive plans and device offering, they also claimed affordability. As the nation demands more and more data, T-mobile challenges and claims to live up to customer satisfaction and networking demands.

With an idea of wireless revolution in mind, Neville Ray, CTO of T-mobile, told us that T-Mobile’s 4G network is 60% larger than Verizon’s LTE network and has over 100 metropolitan markets. With a comparison with Sprint, T-Mobile is 40% bigger than WiMAX. They couldn’t do a direct comparison with AT&T at the moment due to lack of assured data. By using HSPA(High Speed Packet Access) technology, T-Mobile is focused on moving their speed from 21 Mb/s to a ground breaking number of 42 Mb/s!

After doing some live raw stream test, we noticed that in that specific room the average speed varied from 20-28Mb/s which is a lot. One of the representative also downloaded an album in front of us which roughly took an estimated time of over a minute or so(an average of 10-15 seconds per song.) The upload speed will be at an average of 5Mb/s. This whole process of speed increment will be a transition process throughout 2011.

Furthermore, T-Mobile 4G also allows multi-player gaming and they did have some laptops up for display. This could lead to an expansive gaming on the go for people.

Cole Brodman, the Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile, pointed out that despite this speed increase via 4G, the customers will not suffer from hidden charges, tolls or premiums for 4G. The most basic data plan will start at $10 for 200MB. However, the $30 for unlimited internet is a great deal. Furthermore, after the implementation of 4G, customers will experience an increase in their 3G network devices as well plus 3G is backward compatible with HSPA so it’s basically a win-win situation. This networking speed will be spread across Smartphones, Netbooks/data sticks and tablets alike.

Another interesting point to notice was the T-Mobile seemed to believe that tablets might become a huge phenomenon in the future. However, we have yet to see what will happen.

Next, we were introduced to Mr. John Thode from Dell Products and he showcased the first T-Mobile 4G tablet called ‘Dell Streak 7’ which he claimed was a great tool for kids, family and students alike. It was a device to provide users with multimedia, music, e-mail, browsing and much more. It weighed under a pound so it could be easily carried without being bulky. With a dual core processor and slender size, it allows and enhances gaming, flash web pages, video chat and real time experiences. It also has a widget based user interface called ‘Stage.’ No price tag was announced as of yet but it will be arriving in a few weeks at a market friendly price.

As we can notice, T-Mobile has showcased a blazing speed for its 4G network and with its gigantic size, we have a lot to look forward from the company. Considering the high speed of T-Mobile 4G network and the relatively stable pricing, we might be heading towards a totally wireless future. Furthermore, we also have the Dell Streak 7 to test out. We will try to get our hands on the tablet as fast as we can and get our hands-on experience with both the tablet and the blazing speed. Check out our gallery of pictures from the event below.

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