Skype for the iPhone now makes video calls

Today Skype has released an update that allows iPhone users to make video calls from their device. There had been rumors that this update was in the works and now they have been made fact. So, was the Skype outage the other day part of this internal update? Possibly (I know they announced it was partly a bug with the Windows client). But Skype has proven to be one of the most important communication tools in the world and now has gotten even better.

Skype calling will work on any iOS device that has 4.0 or higher but only recieve on the iPad and 3rd generation iPod Touches. The app will allow video calls either over 3G or Wifi. The simple fact that video chat is allowed over 3G makes Skype much more valuable that Apple’s Facetime which only allows calls between iPhone 4 users on Wifi or Mac users. Here are the update details below, enjoy!

What’s New in Version 3.0

• Make Skype to Skype video calls on WiFi and 3G*
• Call Skype desktop users (Mac OS X or Windows) and other iPhone users.
• Two-way video calls supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th gen.
• Receive only video supported on iPad and iPod touch 3rd gen, with no camera.
• Make video calls in portrait and landscape.
• Skype video calling requires iOS 4.0 or above.
*Additional Data charges may apply

Update: I understand that Skype announced that their outage was caused by a version of Skype for Windows. I am sorry that I made an assumption that it could have been related to this update it will not happen in the future.

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