No Verizon iPhone at CES

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There has been many rumors that Verizon may announce their own version of the iPhone 4 at CES this year. Well Verizon has released information on what they will be previewing while at CES and it doesn’t include the iPhone. It makes sense really because Steve Jobs would want to take control of the announcement anyways and we know that he will not be at CES.

Verizon will however be introducing more 4G LTE devices at CES this year such as 4G dongles and Android phones. We may not see the Verizon iPhone announcement at CES but that doesn’t mean that it will not happen with an Apple announcement later in 2011.

According to 9to5Mac they have heard rumors that Apple may have an announcement on Jan 6th as well, so we will just have to wait and see.

VIA: InformationWeek

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