13 Year old girl sues Apple over moisture sensors

A 13 year old Korean girl is suing Apple for charging her for repairs to her iPhone 3G which was still under warranty. Apple claimed that the warranty was void because the moisture sensors inside the phone had been triggered.

The family is asking for $251 in compensation because they believe the moisture sensors were triggered without actually being exposed to water. The family was actually approached by a lawyer to settle but the family declined and still wanted to pursue it in court. The family wants Apple to realize their poor positioning of moisture sensors and not falsely trigger for someone else.

It appears that the sensors that Apple uses in their phones are very easy to activate in a humid environment such as South Korea. There are a total of 4 sensors inside the iPhone, one being at the headphone jack, second at the docking port, and two others on the inside of the phone. The headphone jack and docking port sensors are the easiest to trigger because of their location which is closest to the outside of the phone.

I do agree that these sensors can be easily activated, one could activate it just by working out and sweating around it, or taking it into the bathroom while showering. These sensors should not be in places close to the outside of the phone to prevent accidental activation.

Via: CultofMac

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