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Businesses and business cards often go hand in hand. After all, it supply’s a way to effectively market a company’s skill sets and talents. However, the major draw back with business card is that you can only give it to those who you come in direct contact with. So, how does one go about getting the word out? Thanks to there is now a more formal way to get this done and oh! its not just for businesses, it was created for everyone!

So What Is is a social service that allows a user to create a splash page that links all social aspects of what ever it is they want. For a clearer picture, take this into consideration; most of us by now have profiles and accounts such as twitter, Facebook, foursquare and a few others right? Well, allows you to connect all of those in a simple fashion. simply allows you to pull all “of this information together to build a single on-line identity — be it for personal use, or to create a professional on-line profile”- If you still need a better picture of how is useful you can check out my page.

Make Up Your Mind Fast Because Names Are Limited

Just like Twitter and unlike Facebook,’s use of account names only allows a single use of a user name. So, if you are interested or even uf you are on the rocks, it is best to get in to make sure your desired user name is reserved. The link to your profile will be (ex. so get yours before its gone.

Previously, since September or so, has allowed users to reserve their wanted user names. However, they did not allow them the use of it until they launched just 4 days ago. At first, only allowed 20,000 users from the reserve list to join but then opened its doors to every one.

So thats that! Will you guys be using If you already have one and want to show it off post the link in the comment section!

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