MSI to Unveil New Laptops and Tablets at CES 2011

MSI released a press statement on their website on December 13th stating that they will unveil new laptop and tablets at CES 2011.

MSI will be displaying its new generation of notebook creations the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the USA. Laptops to be shown will include machines from the G Series of gaming computers, F Series ultimate performance NBs, the C Series of stylish multimedia notebooks, the X-Slim Series which features ultra-thin, ultra-light laptops, Wind U netbooks, and WindPad tablets. With the big emphasis on the MSI GT680—the fastest notebook computer on the planet (as of now). The GT680 smashed speed records in PC MARK Vantage tests.

Eric Kuo, associate vice president for global sales said:

The GT680 is the world’s most powerful laptop. When tested with PC MARK Vantage tools, the GT680 attained a speed of 18,162 points.

Specs planned for the G680:

Intel quad core CPU
nVidia GeForce’s newest generation high end discrete graphics card
Four DDR3 memory slots expandable up to 16GB of memory
Accelerated dual hard disk architecture
MSI’s TDE+ (Turbo Drive Engine+ technology) which allows both the CPU and GPU to turbo simultaneously.

I bet MSI will have to keep on making faster laptops if they wants to keep the title of “fastest laptop manufacturer.


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