AirPlay hacked to work on Mac

Looks like a major limitation of AirPlay has just been beaten. Erica Sadun of TUAW has written a program that will allow any iOS device that supports AirPlay to stream to a Mac running her program. The setup is quite easy all you have to do is download the program, install it on your Mac, press the start button and viola. As long as your iOS device and Mac are connected to the same network you can now stream content directly to your Mac. Lets see how long it takes Apple to patch this one.

The only problem I noticed with the program is that it didn’t actually notice when I picked different positions in the video, it kept going back to the beginning. Maybe it was just my iPhone or the video I chose, let me know if you get the same problem. Anyways, the video below shows a quick demonstration of the service, enjoy!

Source: TUAW

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