Eye-Fi Connect X2 Review

The friendly company of Eye-Fi sent us the Eye-Fi Connect X2 4GB + Wi-Fi. The Eye-Fi Connect X2 is a 4GB SDHC Class 6 flash memory card with built-in Wi-Fi. Eye-Fi is relatively new. The special feature of this card is the high-speed photo or video transfer over a Wi-Fi connection. The Connect X2 can automatically upload your photos and videos to your computer or Picasa. Also it can upload your content to 25+ sites online such as Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, MySpace, and even your own FTP server. With the Class 6 speeds there will be no bottlenecking with your camera and memory card. Eye-Fi cards also have built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi. Another great feature of the Eye-Fi card is what they call “Endless Memory Mode.” With this mode you can set your card to delete any photos that have been successfully saved either to an online site of your computer. That is a great idea.

With these included features the card works seamlessly when you get it set up. The hardest part for me was setting up my camera to not automatically turn off. The camera has to be turned on for the transfer of your photos or videos. On Eye-Fi’s website they offer a setup guide specifically for your camera. Configuration of the settings did not take long with the help of their instructions.

Eye-Fi also makes the Eye-Fi Explore X2. The bonus features with this upgrade in card is that it has a 8GB capacity, supports geotagging, and hotspot access out of the box. Hotspot access lets you use public Wi-Fi hotspots to upload your photos and videos to your home computer and your social networks. Geotagging will mark each photo or video with a GPS locater so you can use Picasa or similar programs to upload to a map with images of locations on it like Google Maps.

The final card that Eye-Fi makes is the Eye-Fi Pro X2. This card is the same as the Explore X2, but it includes RAW image support, and ad hoc transferring. Ad hoc transferring hs you do not need a wifi connection. All you need is the Wi-Fi signal from your computer.
The main question is. Is an Eye-Fi card worth the extra money?

As a low end professional photographer I believe that the Connect X2 is a great card for the basic user. If you take photos or videos on the go and without a computer with the hotspot access of the Explore X2 and the Pro X2 either are for you. If you are a high end professional photographer and take photos away from your Wi-Fi the Pro X2 is the card for you.

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