YouTube may lift the 15 minute time limit on videos

This year YouTube had raised the time limit for videos from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Now there is talk that they may increase the limit even further for regular users. It seems that YouTube may be looking to compete with services like Hulu and Netflix. With Google TV released why would with Netflix and Hulu support, why would you go to YouTube.

If the limit indeed does increase drastically for say 30 minutes that leaves potential for TV shows, college lectures, conferences, events, etc. This change comes with the fact that YouTube has been steadily removing content for the past 3 years with its content ID program to stop copyright infringements according to Joshua Siegal, product manager at YouTube:

The lift on time limits for videos “has primarily been made possible by advances in Content ID,” Mr. Siegel said.’

The only problem with this is that it will only be available to users that have never violated YouTube’s copyright rules when uploading video. What a handful of people?

Source: NYT

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