Verizon 4G Network Speed Tests and Results

Today we met with Verizon and ran some tests on their new 4G network in our area and the results were staggering. We ran the tests on laptops with an LG VL600 4G usb dongle on and here are the results. We were in West Lafayette, Indiana home of Purdue University and tested to Merriville, Indiana over 4G and got 35Mb downstream and 16Mb upstream and we were astonished. We tested another location which was Indianapolis, Indiana and got 21Mb downstream and 8Mb upstream and our tests to Chicago were about the same. Now these speeds are with little to no people on the 4G network at this time. With load on the network you can expect speeds from 5-12Mb downstream and around 2-5Mb upstream during peak times. Compared to 3G at peak times in this area we got around .6MB downstream and .4MB upstream that is a huge difference. We also tested Netflix with an HD movie and it was insanely fast and the buffer was well ahead of the movie. Check out the video below of the actual speed tests performed and below that is a picture of the same tests performed over their 3G network.

Test over 3G


Verizon is marketing 4G data plans with a USB modem at $50 a month with a 5GB cap and $80 a month with a 10GB cap with a $10 a GB over the limit. To me those prices are still a little steep for the average consumer and without an unlimited data plan I can see that limit being hit very fast in a month with the speeds on the 4G network.

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