White iPhone 4 confirmed for release spring 2011

It looks like Apple got sneaky and hid the release date for the White iPhone 4 in small print. 9to5Mac found the small print on a sign as seen above which was found in an Apple Store so it is believable. The information found on that sign is not on the Apple website as of yet. No word yet on when Apple will start Pre-orders for the new white iPhone 4, I have reached out to them for comment.

More developments:

Will Verizon get a White iPhone 4?

White iPhone 4 Spotted

White iPhone 4 coming to Best Buy February 27

White iPhone 4 spotted in AT&T’s online system – (1/24/11)

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  • Anonymous

    yeah.I’m waited so long,the iPhone 5 will be available in the summer of 2011……so waiting white iphone
    Everything you need to know about iPhone:

  • Babington Andres Schreiber

    Lol, good thing for us!

  • boom boom

    sorry its not coming out lol friend made his phone white the i4, i got pics to prove it…looks..huh…ok it an iToy lol

  • Dream

    Where will be the battery? and speaker ? I see no wire connections possible?

  • Sanity

    What do you mean? Have you never seen an iPhone before?

  • Jamiecowan1993

    alot of shite

  • Loverguy_all

    i think its fake

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  • Rajat

    totally fake

  • Gmail

    fuck off

  • Gmail

    i want to fuck the fucking fucker iphone

  • mandude

    This crap isn’t new. Learn to write for meaning.

  • Shilahpaul

    how much are these going to crost

  • nagendra kumar

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggg news

  • Nicwallaceqawsed

    but thats an awsome idea for a jailroken iphone theme

  • Abdul Malik

    i like

  • Dave22

    yea i call BS on this, we’re still workin on this kinda technology and if anything, the military would receive it 10 years before the public

  • Mani Liverec


  • Solomon

    i think LG and MSI has already that type using fiber glass optic circuits.

  • rob

    obviously a marketing excercise in order to get your email to send you spam whe what else is the point of this stupid misleading website that grabs your attention with whatever they can think of?

  • rob

    stop making comments you morons, this whole website is full of crap, and wants you to make comments, so u have to enter your email, so they can send u spam

  • Midhir

    ‘white’ and ‘transparent’ are two completely different things.

  • Hasan Ahmad

    i luv it

  • Irving Briscoe

    ha ha lmfao

  • Sanity

  • ExArmy

    the military wouldnt allow regular soldiers to have such technology even if they did have it. It would be more for stealth aircraft which is atleast 50 years more advanced than what you can imagine.

  • Stover47

    everybody on this forum is a complete tool. you should all take your iphones and go somewhere far far away so the rest of us can try to forget you ever excisted

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