LimeWire to close doors for good, including music store

With the recent injuction against LimeWire to stop distributing its file sharing client comes more bad news. The company had just announced to its music partners that it will be closing its online store for good. In a letter sent to it’s partners it mentions that an attempt was made to keep the store running for 3 years but the injunction is such a large blow that it is no longer possible to stay open.

LimeWire had been making progress with its legal music store and keeping a steady revenue stream, but with the recent injuction they have had trouble doing so. So on January 1st 2011 the store will be shut down, no more information has been revealed telling us what will happen to LimeWire after the store closure. It’s sad to see an old friend go. Here is a copy of the letter being sent out below.

VIA: AllThingsD

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