Apple’s Next Magsafe adapter may include Light Peak technology

A patent has been found that indicates that Apple may use Light Peak technology in their next Magsafe adapter. Although the patent was originally filed a year prior to Intel’s announcement of Light Peak technology. Light Peak allows you to connect all peripherals with a single cable. The bandwidth on the cable will start at 10 gbps and has the possibility to move up to 100 gbps in the future. Light Peak technology could revolutionize the computer world by removing unnecessary extra cables. Check out the video below for a full demo of Light Peak.

..The patent indicates that the adapter will accept data to and from other devices using fiber-optic cables or other types of wireless devices, wired devices, USB, DVI, etc. This adapter would be a good move for Apple as it will help users combine all of their iOS devices into a single cable. We will have to watch and see if this device ever sees the light of day. For more information check out Patently Apple.

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