More details on the new Playstation phone

Earlier we announced the possibility of a new Playstation phone announced on December 9th. Now more details have been found about the details of the new phone. Check out the new details below:

  • The display is “mind-blowing” and on-par (to the naked eye) with the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Sony has introduced some Bravia technology into it and leverages on the brand when highlighting the display
  • Won’t ship in time for the holidays and might be aiming for February
  • Off-contract price to be around $500 with 5 free games included
  • Games to be priced around mobile gaming prices, such as sub-$10, unlike the higher price for PSP games
  • The Z-System name is still being thrown around, and while specific details on it aren’t available, it has been used to describe both the gaming platform and the distribution center

The details are quite interesting if proven to be true. We will keep an ear out for more information as soon as we get it.

Source: Ubergizmo

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    This is PSPgo all over again…….at that price, there is still no incentive for ANYONE to get this. Theres also nothing that would make me want to get rid of my psp3000 or my current flip-phone. I don’t see what there plan is if they try to release it at that kind of crazy price. I’d much rather have an Ipod touch 32gb for almost half the price of that or a high end Iphone.

  • All Truth No Lies

    $500 is the average price for most Smart phones with no contract. It’ll probably be $199 or $249 with a contract.

  • Jc79ca

    I work in the cellphone industry, and I for one think mobile gaming on high end cellular devices is the next evalutionary step in this paticular industry. If anyone has been paying attention, it is common knowledge that both apple and google are purchacing up gaming interests for future use on their devices. Given sonys current position in the cellphone market, I think it would be stupid not to take advantage of theyre vast gaming library, and implement this in their next hardware. truthfully, all high end phones retail retail between $500 and $900. Droid,nexus,galaxy s, iphone, dell streak, sony xperia..and the list goes on. The tablet market is also about to heat up, and all of these devices are being optimised for gaming, its part of the natural evolution of mobile devices. Either you evolve with the rapidly evolving mobile industry..or you become obsolote.

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