Man jailed for murdering child that interrupted Xbox play

Gary Alcock loved to play video games on his Xbox console over in Oldham, England. He was staying with his girlfriend of 2 days whom had a 15-month old child. The child would cry and demand attention because it was so young. Well Gary Alcock would try to silence the child by striking the child. He was interruped one last time when he struck the child directly in the stomach and put it to bed.

The child was later taken to the hospital when the girlfriend arrived home and found the child with blue lips. The child died shortly after arriving at the hospital of internal bleeding. the strike to the stomach was just enough to rupture internal organs. Gary Alcock was sentenced to life imprisonment and the girlfriend sentenced to 5 years for allowing the abuse to happen in the first place. She had known that he was controlling beforehand. The judge has this to say to Gary:

“You, Gary Alcock, subjected her to repeated violence. You caused injuries to her brain, face, arms and legs with a combination of punches, slaps and – bordering on the sadistic – pinches.

“This was the way you chose to cope with a demanding little girl who demanded your attention and interrupted your time-consuming hobby of playing computer games.”

Alcock put Violet to bed on the day that he killed her, “no doubt in the hope that you would have some time free to indulge your desire to play on your X-Box”.

He continued: “Violet was sick, she required changing, she required your time and patience.

“You lost control and your temper in the most unimaginable way. You struck her first in the mouth and then inexplicably and with savage force in the stomach.”

I hope that if anyone else in the world is in this same situation that they please put the game down and attend to their child. Please do not take a life just so you can play your game.

VIA: Kotaku

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