White Verizon iPhone 4 Surfaced?

A picture of a white iPhone 4 has surfaced and is claimed to be the Verizon version. There are reasons that the phone could be both real and fake. For example the design is slightly different than that of the current iPhone 4 design. The metal band around the phone is gone on the new version, replaced by a smaller slit. The sim card slot on the side of the phone is missing because the Verizon network does not currently use a SIM card. And finally there is a Verizon logo in the upper left corner of the phone which indicates that it is connected to their network.

Now most likely this picture is fake because Apple and Verizon both have not made any statements and Apple has stated that the phone is still in production. We will have to wait and see if the rumor comes true.

VIA: Cult of Mac

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