Rumor: Gears of War on its way to Kinect

This is the kind of news we have been waiting and hoping for. Can you imagine playing Gears of War on Xbox Kinect? Right now all Kinect has is a bunch of games that promote either physical fitness or family fun. Kinect at this time doesn’t have a shooter of any kind. Before Kinect was originally released when it was known as Project: Natal it was mentioned that the gameplay which Gears of War contains was not possible with the platform.

However it has been quite some time since that initial announcement of Kinect and developers may have had some time to develop the technology necessary to reach this feat. I have contacted Epic games for further comment on this rumor, I will post the results if they return the email.

Update: Although I wrote to Epic Games I got a reply from Microsoft and got the usual:

Microsoft does not comment on rumors and speculation.

Source: IGN

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