Monster Outlets To Go 300

Monster Cable was gracious enough to send us a product to review and keep. They sent us the Outlets To Go 300 for Laptops.

Quick overview
• 3 AC power outlets for travelers
• Ultra-compact design for easy packing
• 2 Quick-charging, high-power USB ports for portable devices
• Retractable plug folds in for maximum portability

This product is small and compact. About the size and weight of a standard smart phone. This device is a must need in your travel kit. No need for walking around your hotel room looking for an extra outlet. Just plug the Outlets To Go and you have room for 3 standard US outlets and 2 USB charging ports. I tested this out with 3 laptops plugged in, my Ipod Touch plugged in, and my Zune HD plugged in. All of these devices were drained of their battery. Outlets To Go was able to charge all of the devices with superb charging speed and charge the Ipod Touch and the Zune HD faster than a standard USB charger. I will give this product a 4.5 out of 5. This product will never leave my laptop case. I definitely recommend that you get an Outlets To Go 300. Check out the gallery below for more pictures.
GEARS  Rating: 4/5

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Kyle Paddock
I am in my senior year of high-school. My goal is to graduate college with a BS in Computer Engineering and move on to work for Microsoft. I have wanted to review product for a few years now but I never had a website to post them on. I started learning about computers was in 6th grade. Got my first computer. A Windows 95 system. And it all started from there.