Lamebook is suing Facebook

Well here is another lawsuit for ya. The small company called Lamebook is suing Facebook over trademark infringement. Supposedly Facebook has been threatening any website or company that has “book” in its name or sounds like Facebook. Instead of waiting for Facebook to sue them, Lamebook has taken the initiative and sued Facebook so the courts can expedite the decision.

Facebook had this to say:

“It’s unfortunate that after months of working with Lamebook to amicably resolve what we believe is an improper attempt to build a brand that trades off Facebook’s popularity and fame, they have turned to litigation. We are confident in our position and believe we will prevail in court.”

I honestly do not understand why Facebook would think that Lamebook would infringe against their name considering they arent actually running a social network. Lamebook was created to display funny excerpt of Facebook status updates and has done a great job of doing so. The site is not all that much different than that of People of Walmart, a network site associated with it. We will keep an eye on this lawsuit for further developments.

VIA: TechCrunch

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