“Red Shirt Guy” Placed into World of Warcraft Expansion

Recently at Blizzcon a guy in a red shirt had asked a question that stumped the developers of World of Warcraft. Now a picture has surfaced that shows a character in a red shirt next to Falstad Wildhammer called the “Wildhammer Fact Checker.”

There had been some debate on whether it was real or fake on the World of Warcraft Official forums. To alleviate any and all doubt Blizzard’s Lead World Designer Alex Afrasiabi made an appearance on the forums to say:

It’s real.

and subsequently locked the thread. The character exists in the beta version of the game, it is not clear yet if the character will continue on to release.

I have included the video below of Red Shirt Guy incase you havent yet seen it.

Source: WoW Forums, VIA Kotaku

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