Nexus 2 to come on November 8th?

Well, loyal Android fans of the Nexus One, the long wait is over for the next generation Google made phone. However, the Nexus S (Nexus 2) is rumored to be made by Samsung instead of Google themselves. Samsung predicts to have the first batch of phones round out on 8th November. The phone is projected to have a 4-inch super AMOLED screen, like the Samsung galaxy S line of android phones. There will also be a front facing camera. But the few sources which I have talked too do not know whether the front facing camera will be a 1.3-higher or standard VGA quality. In my personal opinion, whatever the quality of the camera the super AMOLED screen will make the picture crisp and clear. As for the OS of the Nexus S, rumor is this flagship phone will come stock with Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. This assumption is based off the fact that Android 3.0 is not the next major OS all android users are wishing for this holiday season. So in turn all we can do is wait until November 8th to see what Samsung or even Google are going to do.

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